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Our old store was based on the same technology that we started with way back in 1994, and was starting to have some serous technical issues (for example, orders weren’t calculating correctly or going through properly), that we just couldn’t keep putting bandages on. Our new store atTheHerbDoc.biz is based on brand-new, up-to-date technology, and will provide you with a much more pleasant and efficient shopping experience. The new store is now “stocked” with all of our quality Pure Herbs and iridology products, and we are in the process of adding our Nature’s Sunshine products to the new store as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we make the transition. (We will be continuing TheHerbDoc.com as an information-only site.)

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Quotable Quotes: What some great thinkers have said about health and healing.

Dr. Rick Sawyer
Dr. Rick Sawyer

ThD, DMin, NDcand, MBA
Messianic Pastor/Theologian,
Naturopathic Practitioner,
Certified Natural Health

Barbara Sawyer
Barbara Sawyer

of Blessed Memory
06/05/49 - 12/13/08

Welcome to TheHerbDoc.com, the online presence for Abundant Life Herb Shop. We are dedicated to helping you live a full and abundant life by providing education, information, and resources based upon the life principles found in the Word of God, foods from God’s own storehouse, adequate exercise, rest, and relaxation in their proper balance, Biblical counseling, and techniques that allow God’s most complex creation, the human body, to heal itself naturally. And we proudly offer what we believe are the two finest lines of all-natural nutritional supplements that money can buy: Pure Herbs liquid herbal extracts and Nature's Sunshine Products. [Read more about us here.]

We do not offer medical opinion or advice in any form. Federal law prohibits offering herbal supplements for the prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease or health condition. The information on this web site is for religious, educational, and informational purposes only. [Read the Legal Notice] We seek only to educate you and assist you in determining beneficial nutritional substances that will help you maintain your body in good working condition and help to prevent the development of health problems. If you are ill, we recommend that you consult a competent holistic health practitioner before beginning any course of “treatment.” Before shopping our website, please read the Terms of Use and Customer Service Policy carefully. These policies are subject to change without notice and should be reviewed each time you visit us.

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The Use of Herbs to Treat “Dis-ease”

While most sources of information about herbs (including this website) speak to the historical or traditional use of herbs for particular ailments, this line of thinking is actually misleading. That’s because “plants don't really treat diseases. In fact, they really don’t correlate very will with treating diseases at all.” Click here to read why that is true.

“Conventional” Medicine vs. Natural Medicine

These are the fundamental differences between “Conventional” (Allopathic) Medicine and “Traditional” (Naturopathic/Holistic) Medicine as we teach it:

“Conventional” Medicine
(Allopathic Medicine)

“Traditional” Medicine
(Naturopathic/Holistic Medicine)

• Reactive philosophy — responds only after a health problem has been allowed to develop and appear

• Proactive philosophy — maintains the body in good working condition and prevents the development of health problems

• Masks symptoms — assumes that if there are no detectable symptoms, there is no problem

• Heals problems — assumes that symptoms appear only after the underlying problem becomes severe

• Equates symptoms with diseases — assigns a “disease name” to a symptom and attempts to develop a chemical or surgical technique to remove the symptom

• Equates symptoms with underlying body imbalances and attempts to provide the nutritional elements that will correct the imbalance

• Attacks symptoms — assumes that if symptoms can be made to disappear then success has been achieved

• Promotes healing — attempts to discover and correct the body imbalances that are creating the symptoms

• Reacts to disease symptoms

• Prevents body imbalances

• Uses man-made system and tools

• Uses God-made system and tools

• Cuts and poisons the body

• Feeds the body, mind, and spirit

• I give responsibility for my health to my doctor, follow his “orders,” and turn my life over to him.

• I take personal responsibility for my own health, consult with my physician, and turn my life over to God.

“Only an uneducated person would deny the existence of germs. We are prepared to admit that if the human body is in a debilitated condition, and a highly concentrated cluster of pathogenic organisms are placed in contact with a vulnerable portion of the body, certain reactions are apt to occur equivalent to the disease attributed to that type of organism. Right there, however, is the line of demarcation between orthodox medicine and natural healing. Orthodox medicine attempts to effect a cure by killing the infection with powerful inorganic drugs or by the injection of dangerous serums or vaccines. … The herbalist and  natural healer, on the other hand, recognizes that disease, excluding trauma, is the result of violation, intentional or otherwise, of the laws of nature; that germs cannot exist in harmful numbers for any length of time in or on tissue whose life and vitality is high so that the only way the disease can be overcome is to aid nature in the healing process by the elimination of the poisons and toxins through the body’s natural channels and allowing the vitality to return to the body.”

— Dr. Edward E. Shook,
Advanced Treatise on Herbology, page 33

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No individual affiliated with Abundant Life Herb Shop, TheHerbDoc.biz, or TheHerbDoc.com is a medical doctor or is in any way licensed or qualified to practice medicine. The information and services we provide are based solely upon historical information concerning the use of natural food products and nutritional supplements, are for educational and/or religious purposes only, and are an expression of our religious belief that (a) all healing is from God, (b) that we can expect to have good health when we live a lifestyle that is in harmony with God’s Torah (His divine instruction and universal laws), and (c) that He has provided mankind with certain foods and techniques that help the body’s natural healing processes. Herbal products are food or flavorings and cannot be used to treat or cure diseases, and no guarantee of suitability for any specific health concern or any other purpose is either expressed or implied. Since we make no specific medical claims for herbs, other nutritional supplements, or techniques, nor do we offer medical opinion or advice in any form, the information on this website has not been submitted for review by either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the American Medical Association (AMA). This information is intended to supplement, not replace, your personal responsibility to take charge of your own health with appropriate advice from a licensed health care professional. We are not responsible for any individual who may choose to self-diagnose or use our products for the treatment of any health concern or medical condition.

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